About Us

Company Profile

Keneville Hygiene Solutions was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing high quality housekeeping, waste management, safety and washroom solutions. Since then, we pride ourselves for providing lasting cleaning and hygiene solutions to some of the best hotels, manufacturing companies and residential building in Kenya.

Company Strategy

Vision: To be the leading provider of washroom, waste management and housekeeping solutions in Africa.

Mission: To build a long term relationship with our clients through provision of quality products and services.

Core Values:

  • Integrity; we offer the right products in a reliable manner.
  • Innovation; we believe in research and development and therefore we continually embrace the latest invention in the cleaning industry.
  • Excellence; we always endeavor to be the best in the market.
  • Reliability; Always trust us to delivery.


  • Countrywide and regional expansion in the field of providing waste management, housekeeping and washroom solutions.
  • To build an excellent reputation in the field of hospitality and safety as consultant in housekeeping products

    Our Products

    Our products portfolio incorporates all the items that you need to make cleaning easier and our environment safer through smarter recycling. Our products are divided into four main categories;


  • Flat mopping systems i.e wet flat mops and dry flat mops
  • Mopping equipment such as single trolleys, double trolley and mop buckets
  • Floor and window squeegees and lobby dustpans
  • Housekeeping trolleys and janitor carts
  • Laundry carts

    B). Waste Management

    This include;
  • Recycling bins that is, 3 in 1 bins, Fire resistant waste basket, Mesh waste basket and outdoor station containers
  • Hands-free containers e.g pedal bin both stainless steel and plastics
  • Outdoor waste containers
  • Smoking waste

    C). Washroom

  • Air care solutions i.e aerosols, airfreshener dispensers, microburst and pump spray system
  • Feminine hygiene i.e sanitary bin both manual and automatic, nappy bins and pedal bins
  • Baby changing unit
  • Hand care which include, center pull dispensers, soap dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers and foam soap dispenser

    D). Safety

  • Foot ware; Safety boots, gumboots, disposable shoe covers and safety clogs etc
  • Hand care which include all types of protective gloves
  • Head gears which include helmets, earplugs and earmuff, goggles and nose masks

    Our Customers

    Some of our reputable customers includes;
  • Bidcoro Africa Ltd
  • Lazizi Premier Hotel
  • Amber Hotel
  • Jacaranda Hotel
  • Movenpick Hotel
  • Olesereni hotel
  • Q lounge restaurant
  • Boulangarie Company Ltd
  • Fonda Mexican restaurant
  • Victoria Suites Hotel


    We are located at the KCB Building, Off Enterprise road in Industrial Nairobi, Kenya.

    Our Contacts Keneville Hygiene Solutions Kenya Limited
    P.O Box 85833-00200
    Nairobi, Kenya
    Tel: 0735241748, 0753496015
    Email: Sales@kenevillehygienesolutions.com, info@kenevillehygienesolutions.com
    Website: www.kenevillehygienesolutions.com